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Effortless slimming manual to lose weight on the go – Full course for beginners and professionals by Dr Diab

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  • Introduction

  • Fat, glucose and glycogen
  • A word about hormones and the endocrine system
  • Body composition
  • Characteristics of fatty tissue (chronic fatty tissue, newly formed)
  • Why monitor
  • Why to lose weight
  • Fat deposition types (feminine and masculine)
  • catabolic reactions (fat to glycogen, glycogen to glucose and glucose to energy)
  • Classification of fatty tissue in the body

  1. Fat depots
  2. Fatty layer in the skin
  3. Fat building in the arteries and internal organs

  • Weight loss utilizing various techniques

  • Innervations and muscular tonus

1- Beginner training – 15 minutes of warm up, 15 minutes of fixations (to activate the genetically weakened innervations in specific parts of the upper body, lower body)

  1. Innervations booster of the upper body , connecting the muscles of the upper body to the peripheral nervous system (pectoralis major, minor, dorsal muscles, trapezius, deltoid….)
  2. Innervations booster of the lower body , connecting the muscles of the lower body to the peripheral nervous system

2- Intermediate training – 10 minutes warm-up (look physical training) followed by 20 minutes of intermediate training every day.

Teaching your muscles to take your commands – by performing specific fixations and range of motion exercises

3- Expertise training – 4 days a week, 10-15 minutes a day are more than enough not only to burn fats but to build muscles... Results can be compared as if you are a black athlete training in a gym for hours.(at this level warm-up can be excluded, and you can warm-up only if you are at home or in a suitable environment)

  1. Freelance fat-burner, enjoy burning calories and fats at any place, you will be able to perform a wide range of exercises while you are working behind your desk, you will have full command over your voluntary muscles
  2. Body sculpture, warm up for 20 minutes, then enjoy a range of motion physical exercises to burn fats incorporating heat into physical burning of fats, results are magical…
  3. Cardio exercises in place, utilize the effects of heat and control to flush your organs with max perfusion.
  • Physical training and muscle working (muscle and skin stretching)

Depending on your mood, you can choose any of the mentioned below well known exercises and use them as a warm up for the upper mentioned expertise and intermediate training:

  1. 10-15 minutes of aerobics
  2. 10-15 minutes of setups
  3. 10-15 minutes of pushups….
  • Physiological endocrine reactions (role of emotional and mental status, stressors, smoking, alcohol...)
  1. water-pipe for slimming (if you are a smoker)
  2. Avoid drinking beer
  3. Engaging activities to boost adrenaline and/or nor epinephrine
  4. Boosting testosterone levels
  5. Controlling estrogen levels
  6. Utilizing the maximum of TSH, thyroid hormone and heat for slimming
  7. Utilizing stress and stressors for slimming in a healthy way
  • Diets and endocrine reactions
  1. Sodium recommendations
  2. Potassium recommendations
  3. Alcohol recommendations
  4. Water recommendations
  5. Fibers & Slimming (fiber rich diets)
  6. General recommendations on a healthy diet
  7. Complex slimming techniques (Prebiotics and testosterone or prebiotics and thyroid hormone)
  • Cardio training and general health procedures to increase perfusion 

Freelance cardio booster, utilizing the muscles of the upper chest to increase perfusion, tonus ….

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